About User Access Levels

Access to this website is controlled by user access level. The information available for you to view and manipulate is determined by your user status. By federal law, we must monitor usage of these data to assure compliance with the data privacy requirements established by the responsible institutional review boards (IRBs). This website supports three user access levels as shown in the diagram below.

Required Action: None.

Guest User

Provides access to:

  • Project Background Documentation
  • Aggregated and Summary Graphs
  • Access to Data Dictionaries

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Registered User

Provides access to:

  • Guest User Access Plus...
  • Access to User Forums
  • Access to My Profile
  • Ability to Apply for Qualified Researcher

Required Action: Upload valid IRB Training Certificate and apply for Qualified Researcher status.

Qualified Researcher

Provides access to:

  • Registered User Access Plus...
  • Access to All Available Datasets
  • Access to Custom Query Capability
  • Access to Crash, Near Crash, and Baseline Events